STM believes that teaching Catholic norms and values will help students become responsible and caring individuals capable of sharing God-given gifts to others while continuing to learn all their lives.

St. Mutien

Our Vision

Inspired by Saint Anthony of Padua, and guided by the tenets Fides, Patria, and Scientia, the autonomous Catholic schools of the SACT College System inspire to develop high academic standards, operate innovative programs and courses, and use technology as much as feasible.


In a culture of excellence, the Anthonian Living Christian Community Schools expect to graduate individuals who are life-long learners committed to serving others.


Developing entrepreneurs and professionals for the new economy

Our History

Saint Mutien College (formerly known as Dau Academy, “DA”) was founded by Mr. Catalino D. Yap (“Sir”) and his wife, Benita S. Yap (“Madam”) in 1966. Sir, who is also the founder of Saint Anthony College of Technology (SACT and DA were the first two schools of the SACT College System, initiated in 1966) was the President of DA up to the time of his death on May 24, 1993.


Madam was the Directress and the firs Principal of the school. She assumed the role of President when Sir passed away. She eventually handed over the reins of the school to her eldest son, Antonio (“Sir Tony”) who became the third President while Madam retained the Chairmanship of the Board of Trustees and was also concurrent Treasurer. Mrs. Mariquita P. Tiongquico, who had been with the school since its founding in 1966 became the second Principal. She had served SACT which she had joined in 1959 till her transfer to DA which she served in various capacities such as Assistant Treasurer and Executive Officer, the position she held until the time she retired in 2001. Mrs. Rosalina C. Dizon was the third Principal. She joined SACT in 1964 and also served in various capacities including Guidance Counselor and College Dean. She retired in 2003.


In 1996, La Salle Green Hills’ (“LSGH”) Bro. Vic was requested to establish Saint Mutien Marie School, as the pre-school and grade school of STM. So from 1996 to 1998 LSGH set up the curriculum, provided the Principal and otherwise helped STM upgrade its Basic Education Program Management of those in STM in 1998.


These efforts were all in recognition of the changes which would have been required in order for Philippine schools to meet the needs of the coming century – a time of fast and massive technological change and freer movement of people and workers, and the emergence of more public-owned academic institutions. These were expected to be brought into focus during the institution’s 30th year (Pearl Anniversary) in school year 1995-1996. Among the changes carried out was the improvement of the façade of the school which was possible through the help of the Parents’ Auxiliary Board. The organizational setup was refined and redefined. The teaching staff members were given the opportunity to attend seminars on values enrichment and ethics. Discipline and development of good moral character were included in the dialogs and conferences. Academic work was geared to help students develop their full potential more than ever by making changes in class sectioning and introducing remedial and tutorials. Revisions were carried out on matters pertaining to rules and regulations affecting discipline, criteria for honors and awards. Co-curricular and extracurricular activities were revised to complement and supplement the learning process. And, a new building was build fronting McArthur Highway, the Pres. Diosdado P. Macapagal Building and Jose Abad Santos Quadrangle.


Over the past 15 years, Sir Tony has led the Regents, the owners, administrators, and faculty in reviewing the role of STM in the SACT College System.

On the onset of its partnership with La Salle Greenhills, it was decided that the school will become Saint Mutien Marie College with the motto "Doing Ordinary Things Extraordinarily."


In 2002, the slogan, “Building Dreams” was adopted for the System. It complements the SACT motto “Proud of Our Past, Prepared for the Future,” and STM’s motto “Doing Ordinary Things Extraordinarily.” With the Gabay Bayan Schools tenet of “Patria et Veritas,” the System’s commitment to help graduates and their families “build their dreams” becomes complete.


STM sees its role in the SACT College System as the “learning works” where innovation and research happens. With projects in Clark and many other places, STM shows the way on how the System can be a contributor to the growth of Pampanga and Central Luzon.