Training and education arm for community and social development of BCYF Education Institute.

Partnered with STM for those who are interested in getting academic credits or certificate and diplomas.

Student of each EI's from the Philippines and beyond are encouraged to sign up for any of the offerings of ComVision.

Offer each courses and programs of dozens of Institutions.


Faculty & Students

NGO & Volunteers

Asian CSR


CDY Leadership Institute

Institute for Social Development and Volunteer Management (ISDVM)

The STM Institutes

Saint Mutien College (STM) partners with various individuals and institutions to offer special projects and initiatives that make STM distinct from other educational institutions within the country, and even abroad. These are implemented through the STM Institutes which are the most recent expansion projects of STM which are faily autonomous units offering training and education in specific subjects and skill areas.


  1. InSource Institute. In partnership with Bro. Obet Cabrillas, this institute focuses on Personality Development and Training of Coaches.

  2. ComVision Institute. This is established with Mr. Ed Amistad and focuses on Business Development in the Community particularly on developing puroks.

  3. SACT Tech implements the Japanese IT Standards Exams (JITSE-Phil), now PhilNITS, program under the SACT-STM Digital.

  4. STM Tech (sir RJ, pakilagay na lang po ng short description)

  5. Academy for Social Enterprise Training (ASET) with Dr. Malou Punay.

  6. Asian CSR Institute (ACI) with Dr. Frankie Roman

  7. Asian Finishing School with programs on Accounting with Mr. Louie Amper of Deloitte, Navarro, Amper and Broadcast Journalism with Radio Mindanao Network (RMN)